The Full English by Mike Carden
A Bit Scott-ish by Mike Carden

‘A Lake District Grand Tour’ is the third book by Mike Carden.

‘The Full English’ was first published by Bike Ride Books in 2007, with ‘A Bit Scott-ish’ following in 2009.

Mike lives and works in the Lake District. His hobbies include cycling and writing.


Mike owns and runs Bike Ride Books.

His other projects and work can be found at MikeCarden.co.uk

The Bikes

Mike’s bike for the ride was his Scott.

Not Scott from The Full English and A Bit Scott-ish, who is now in a retirement home (well, sort of).

No, this Scott is a newer one: Scott Too.

For those of a more technical persuasion Scott Too is a Scott P2 Sportster, a jack-of-all-trades, tough enough for long rides with weight on the back, but with a degree of front suspension that can be switched on for rubbly stretches or pot-holes. That does make him heavier than some bikes, but I have had to put up with that.

Sadly, Scott Too was stolen. Mike’s latest bike is Scott Free (although he wasn’t actually free…).

Great Langdale
Scott Too
Scott in retirement