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I do really like to hear from people who have read my books. Really cheers me up! And I will always reply.

Below are some of the emails and website messages. If anyone else would like to be in touch, please do. Reviews on websites like Amazon are always much appreciated as well!

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I have just read this book which I picked up by chance in my local library. As I am originally from Cumberland, it appealed to me. 

I haven`t enjoyed a book a book so much for a long time. The description of some of the rides brought back Sunday trips out from Carlisle particularly in the Northern Lakes when I was a child. 

I will now look for the other 2.

Many thanks
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Bromley, Kent “
“Hi Mike,
I just read my copy of ‘The Full English’ for the third time, a copy that you were good enough to sign for me a couple of years ago, and I wanted to tell you it’s just as funny and inspiring as it was the first time.  So thanks for that! 
As the weather improves I hope to do Lands End to John O’Groats, maybe mid-spring or early in the summer, it depends on finances more than anything else.  It won’t be a rush-job, unclassified roads or cycle tracks all the way.  I’m planning on riding the C2C and Reivers Route too, by way of training for the End to End….. so wish me luck for all that!
Thanks again for writing an excellent book.
Regards to Scott.
Hi Mike

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading ‘A Bit Scott-ish’; just finised reading it last night and thought it was a lovely follow up to ‘The Full English’.

Are you planning any more books? I am almost at the age when you started down on the southern coast of England and trying to sum up enough courage myself – perhaps potter around the Yorkshire Wolds first (I am an occasional fair weather, non lyrca cyclist).

I found your website / blog last night, too, which was a delightful surprise, I and look forward to reading more.